How We Work

After 15 plus years of managing properties one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is how to reduce risk wherever possible.  When a client departs for the season, we spend time to “summarize” the property for vacancy. In 15 years, we’ve never had a supply line leak! It’s not because we are lucky.

After 20,000 plus visits we’ve created a standard process and checklist to assure that nothing, no matter how small is missed.

Clients also receive a detailed list of property conditions in real time for each visit. This report is customized to each property to allow for particulars. Golf
carts, cars on trickle chargers, gas/propane or electric, visible air handler (or not), de-humidistat (or not), pool etc….

If a concern arises or an event has occurred, clients receive photos while we are at the property. We also have established SOP’s for mitigating damage for each

In the event that a trade specific technician is needed, we can provide a licensed & insured technician that we work with or co-ordinate access and information with a vendor of your choice.